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About us

Capurso Family

The history of the Capurso family is a story now in its third generation, linked to the territory of the Apulian Murgia: the development of a modern agritourism company is combined with the past, present and future of a tenacious family of Murgia horse breeders.


The Murgese horses
of Capo Iazzo

For generations, Capo Iazzo has been breeding the Murgese horse with passion, in the semi wild and respecting the best standards of the horse breed.


and events

An ancient Apulian Iazzo and 155 hectares of woods, pastures and equipped areas, dedicated to your events, with typical Apulian cuisine, Km0 ingredients and home-made dairy products.

The Murgesi of Capo Iazzo

Pure-bred stallions and mares, bred in the wild and trained by professionals.


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